Pacific Internet - Ukiah, California

New SMTP Server


New Outgoing Server

Update 2017-03-30

The old outgoing server is no longer accepting message submissions. To send mail, you must use the correct hostname. All users known to be using the old server over the past several weeks have been individually notified in advance.

We've been preparing a new outgoing server for some time now, and it's finally time to put it in production. We're excited about using this new machine because it is a major step in improving our overall mail infrastructure.

Our new server will become the primary outgoing server for accounts. If your email address is not backed by a account, you will not be affected.

The new server uses the Exim MTA. We can't tell you how much our postmaster is looking forward to getting rid of the old one.

The new machine is lean & mean, with a ton of RAM and solid-state drives. Since it will take over the message submission duties of our primary backend mail server, we expect increased performance all around, since the load will now be distributed to servers built specifically for their tasks.

The unveiling is tentatively scheduled for happened Tuesday, March 14, 2017, late in the evening as our scheduling permits.

Please be aware that we've been contacting customers for over a year about fixing their email settings. In fact, the settings we've been trying to have people use have been posted to our website for at least a year longer than that. So, two years later, if you haven't updated your settings, know that the time has come.

Thank you for your continued support as we endeavor to continually improve the services we offer you.