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Security Certificate Upgraded


Security Certificate Upgraded

Chrome users may have noticed issues connecting to Webmail or cPanel services, due to the certificate for being SHA-1 signed. The certificate has been upgraded, so the warnings should no longer prevent those users from connecting.

The certificate is used for hosting services under, and it is possible you may encounter warnings that the certificate has changed—though you shouldn't if you're configured properly. If you do receive warnings about a previously trusted certificate being changed when you connect to our server, you are likely using the wrong hostname. The appropriate hostname depends on the service being used. Here is a list of services and their corresponding hostnames:


Note that is not the same as! If your email is, this does not affect you— is used for hosting services only.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

The serial and fingerprint of the new certificate—issued to *—are:

SHA1 Fingerprint=C5:AB:FE:D3:D3:93:92:71:74:84:AE:CD:2B:BF:7B:31:52:C8:C8:94