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Ukiah Broadband ADSL2+ coverage map - Pacific InternetPacific Internet Fusion Services for Ukiah - Fusion delivers fast uncapped Internet plus traditional home phone service, at a non-traditional price! Choose from one or two lines, and get up to 20Mbps or 40Mbps bandwidth, plus unlimited nationwide phone service. International rates are very low.

Approximate Fusion Coverage Map.

What our Customers are Saying...

"As the owner-operator of Thompson Tax Accounting, I switched my phone and Internet services to Fusion just over a year ago and it was one of my best decisions ever. I am totally happy with the cost saving, the reliability, and the excellent service. Very well done."
- Dave Thompson

"As a non-profit, we have very limited funds and we have been pleased with the reduction in our monthly phone bill. We haven't had any problems with the service - it's been excellent in all areas."
- Held Poage Library

"My Fusion service allows me to get fast, reliable Internet - plus I save money on my long distance phone service. I highly recommend the friendly, professional folks at Pacific Internet."
- Jendi Coursey - Indigo Studios, Ukiah

"We have been very satisfied with the Fusion service. We're a non-profit and we have limited funds for the necessary phone calls that occur during the day, weeks, and months. Not only has it saved us money on our monthly bills but we received quick, helpful and non-judgmental assistance when we needed it."
- Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

"Our company is totally dependent on the Internet for our cloud computing and VoIP phone system. Pacific's Fusion product has provided the speed and dependability we must have for our business to operate. As a bonus, their service provides us two landlines, one we use for our fax and one as a back up to our Internet phones. All this for about what we used to pay for two AT&T landlines. Plus their service staff is pleasant and helpful (and they let me feed their pet fish)."
- John Sutter, Manager, Applied Building Science, Ukiah

"I've been a Pacific Internet customer since they started. I've always had great support and help from them. Fusion gives me a much faster link and it's much cheaper to have my phone and Internet bundled together. You can't go wrong with this one!"
- John McCleod

"I have Fusion from Pacific Internet for both my home and for MCAVHN where I volunteer. The service is excellent and at much less cost than my previous ISP. Additionally, when we did the transfer at MCAVHN, Sean came out and helped us "undo" the old phone system which we didn't feel qualified to handle on our own. Thank you for an excellent product."
- Judy Popowski

"I am thrilled to have faster Internet and better phone service but the best part of all is that I call a local person—whom I know—whenever I have a question. No more automated phone tree to India for me!"
- Matt Tollow, Computer Works of Ukiah

"In 2010, we had phone service through the old phone company plus a separate Internet account. Our phone bill for the year was right around $1,100.00. In 2011, we switched to Pacific Internet's all-in-one package and now our phone bill is around $600.00 a year, plus we got services on our phone (call waiting, caller id, etc.) that we had never had before. Our high-speed Internet is awesome and the whole experience of switching to Pacific Internet was swift with no frustrating down time. We would recommend this service to all."
- Mark & Kim Walker, Ukiah

"We are very happy with our Internet and phone service through Pacific Internet."
- Jack and Judy Campbell

"I am thrilled with the savings from Fusion, including Caller ID and Call Waiting. It costs less per month than [the old phone company] and includes added features. Quality of calls is great. Thank you so much for providing this service. Also love not getting a separate bill or having to write and mail a check every month (not sure the USPO is thrilled)."
- Milli Hickey

"We love it!! Our Internet is so much faster."
- Terry & Debora McGillivray

"Fusion has worked out great for me and have been happy with the whole [the old phone company], easy to call real people and I never had caller ID before—good for avoiding calls etc. etc."
- Patrick Taylor

"We have the bonded two line Fusion service from Pacific Internet at Dave's Bike Shop in Ukiah and have been very pleased with the service. In addition to the cost savings, the Internet connection is much faster and the free long distance plus numerous phone features is a big win for our business. What else we really like is having local service and support."
- Dave, Owner Dave's Bike Shop

"A great service! Fast response by support when needed. So much better than cable!"
- Rick Paige

"I like to deal with real humans face to face and not big entities or offshore tech support. Your people are polite even when I ask simple questions. Do not leave town!"
- Nancy Biggins

"We are saving over $30.00 per month on our phone and Internet bill. Plus, you can't beat the local support!"
- James Sobbizadeh

"I really love the free long distance calling. It really helps to keep in contact with family when I can just pick up the phone and talk as long as I want to without it costing anything extra."
- Barbara Webster

"Fabulous first person, real person technical help! Local, real time office that you can walk into and ask real questions!"
- Darca Nicholson

"Pacific Internet's Fusion runs smoothly. It removes the complications of having to deal with several companies. The price is right and I'm happy with the speed. The telephone service is good and there's no long distance fees. What more can I ask for? I'm a happy customer."
- Susan O. Gordon

"I can't say enough good things! Pacific Internet was my first ISP and I've had nothing but great service."
- Kris Byrd, The Coffee Lady