Pacific Internet - Ukiah, California

Internet Access

Internet Access Types

We offer a wide variety of Internet services so you can choose the package that has the most value in your area. If you need help finding the right service for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Pacific Internet offers three basic types of access to the Internet: Fusion, Legacy DSL, and Dial-up

Uncapped Fusion ADSL2+ and Phone

If you are located in the Ukiah area, Fusion is the right choice for you!
Starting at $49.95/month + taxes, Fusion includes 20Mbps ADSL2+ and standard phone service.

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High-Speed DSL

  • Legacy DSL - available in most of CA
  • Download speeds starting at 1.5Mbps (twice as fast as ATT/Yahoo basic account)
  • Free dial-up access included (most of CA)
  • Instant, always-on connection means no dialing and a better, faster experience
  • Includes 1 free email address

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  • 56k and ISDN-capable connections
  • Local numbers in most of CA
  • Includes 1 free email address

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