Pacific Internet - Ukiah, California

High Speed DSL

High-Speed DSL

The following High Speed DSL services require active ATT landline phone service.

Classic DSL

  • Download Speed up to 1.5mbps
  • Upload Speed up to 384kbps
  • Statewide Dialup Access
  • Spam/Virus Email Filtering
  • 1 email address

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Enhanced DSL

  • Download Speed up to 3.0mbps
  • Upload Speed up to 512kbps
  • Statewide Dialup Access
  • Spam/Virus Email Filtering
  • 1 email address

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Deluxe DSL

  • Download Speed up to 6.0mbps
  • Upload Speed up to 608kbps
  • Statewide Dialup Access
  • Spam/Virus Email Filtering
  • 1 email address

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Line Activation Fees

  • $25.00 – One time activation fee.

Installation Options

  • FreeSelf-Installation. There is no cost for self-installation. You hook up your DSL equipment yourself. If help is needed, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • $50.00Professional Installation. One of our friendly technicians will come to your location and install the necessary equipment for you, ensuring that service is working at peak performance. This includes configuring your modem and router for basic Internet access (does not include configuring your network or network devices).

Pacific Internet is not responsible for internal wiring. We can recommend an inside wiring technician if necessary.

Equipment Options

A DSL modem is the only equipment required to use the Internet with Pacific Internet's High Speed DSL service. Internal networking equipment – i.e., wired or wireless routers, switches, etc. – is the responsibility of the customer and not strictly necessary for bringing Internet service to the location. For more information on the difference between modems and routers, see our Support FAQ.

Pacific Internet offers a variety of networking equipment to meet your needs. All units are available for rental only. If you do not want to rent equipment, you are free to purchase your own.

  • $5/monthSingle-line modem. Non-wireless. Connect a single device via Ethernet.
  • $5/monthSingle-line, wireless-capable modem/router combo. Connect multiple devices via Ethernet or Wifi.

Already have a DSL modem? It should work fine with our service, although most require a configuration change. We are happy to help you with this – just bring your modem into our office (don't forget the power cord) and we can configure it for you at no additional cost.

Static IP Addresses

If you need a static IP, be sure to let us know.

  • $15/month – 1 Static IP
  • $30/month – 4 Static IPs
  • $50/month – 8 Static IPs


If you are located in the Ukiah area, Fusion is the right choice for you!
Starting at $49.95/month + taxes, Fusion includes up to 100Mbps VDSL2 and standard phone service.

Uncapped Fusion ADSL2+ and Phone