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Legacy DSL FAQ

What is DSL?

See the Internet Access FAQ.

Can I be on the Internet and on the phone at the same time?

Yes! This is one of the primary advantages of DSL as compared to dial-up Internet access.

Can I use a fax on my DSL line?

Yes, but you need to run your fax machine through a DSL filter, as you would also do for a phone.

What are the system requirements for DSL? Will my computer work with DSL?

DSL connections require a DSL modem. There are several types of DSL, so you will need to make sure your modem is compatible. Our staff can help you determine whether your modem is compatible or not.

DSL is not dial-up, so your computer doesn't directly connect to the Internet in the same sense it once used to. Your computer does not need to know anything special about DSL—the modem will handle all the dirty work.

Can I change from my current DSL provider to Pacific Internet?

Yes (and we hope you do!), but there are some important considerations:

  1. Any obligations you may have with your current ISP are your responsibility.
  2. The DSL modem you own may or may not be compatible with Pacific Internet's DSL.
  3. Normally, no downtime is required to make the change but oftentimes the modem must be reconfigured.
  4. There is a one-time $25.00 line activation fee.

Where is DSL available?

DSL is available throughout California, AR, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX, and WI. Call us at 1 (707) 468-1005 to see if service is available where you live, or fill out our online form.

Is DSL available everywhere within these states?

No. DSL is a distance-sensitive service. DSL availability depends on whether or not the phone company has upgraded your local CO to support DSL. Even if your CO has been upgraded to support DSL, your location must be within approximately 3 miles. Additionally, this distance is in terms of the length of the actual phone lines themselves, not driving distance, walking distance, or distance "as the crow flies". Therefore, it is possible that DSL is available at one address, but not next door or across the street.

This is because of the nature of standard copper phone lines. In order to offer standard voice phone service at distances greater than these, the phone company must install repeaters and other types of equipment to extend the range of their signal. This extra equipment does not generally affect the quality of voice-grade service, but it degrades the signal to levels that are unsuitable for high-speed Internet over phone lines. If you currently use a 56K dial-up modem, but notice that it never connects at speeds above 33.6kpbs (and often connects in the 20's), it is most often for this same reason. 56K dial-up connections are also distance-sensitive.

In the future, there will be a tool on our web site to enter your address and phone number to see whether DSL is available at your precise location. For now, email with your physical address and phone number, or call us at 1 (707) 468-1005.

I do not live in one of these cities, but I can call one of them locally. Can I get DSL?

No. Although you can call one of those cities locally, you are served by a different CO, and would not be able to get DSL unless you are served by the CO of one of the cities above, and meet the distance requirements for DSL service.

I have just signed up for DSL. My self-installation kit includes a modem and filters. What do I do with the filters?

Install a filter for each telephone device in your home. Simply disconnect each telephone from the wall, plug a filter into the phone jack at the wall and plug the cord from the telephone into the phone jack of the filter. Do this for every analog device connected to your phone line. Analog devices include all answering machines, telephones, fax machines, Caller ID boxes, dial-up modems, and cable or satellite television subscription boxes that connect to the phone line. Don't forget the phone in the garage, basement, or outside by the pool!

What if I don't put a filter on every telephone device?

Unfiltered phone devices can cause noise on all phones, even if the others are filtered. This is because unfiltered phones can transmit low-frequency DSL artifacts back onto the phone line. The artifacts are within the voiceband frequency range and pass through the filters as part of the voice signal. Therefore we recommend that all phone devices have filters. The only device that should be unfiltered is the DSL modem itself.

If I have Pacific Internet's DSL service do I have to change my email address?

No. Your email address will not need to change.

Is dial-up service included with my DSL? Why is it beneficial?

Yes, dial-up service is included with DSL. We do this because DSL is available only at the address at which it is installed. You cannot take it with you when you travel. With dial-up services available, you can use our dial-up numbers to connect to the Internet when you are travelling. It is also useful as a backup in the unlikely event of a DSL outage.