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VoIP Letter of Authorization

Digital Phone Service Letter of Agency

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To transfer a toll-free number, you must use this form.

Services Requested:

The following information must be exactly as it appears on the current bill:

Subscriber Information:

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and have read and understand the Letter of Agency. The phone number(s) listed on this Authorization are listed in my name and/or I am authorized to change the preferred carrier for each of the Services requested above. My signature on this form authorizes Pacific Internet, an Agent for SumoFiber, to act as my agent to change my current carrier to Pacific Internet for those Services. I understand that I may designate only one primary carrier for each of the Services requested above; that there may be a fee charged to change the Service(s); and that I may consult with the appropriate carrier to determine if a fee applies to this change.

I understand if I wish to return to my current telephone company, I will be required to pay any fees associated, from the current carrier or Pacific Internet. I also understand that my new telephone company may have different rates and charges than my current telephone company and that my signature below indicates that I understand those differences and am willing to be billed accordingly.

This authorization covers only the numbers listed below:

Numbers to Port:
Current Carrier: