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Android Smartphones & Tablets

Configuring Android Smartphones & Tablets

There are a large number of email apps available. While we have guides for the default Email app and K-9 Mail, be aware that things can change significantly between different versions of the Android OS and the apps themselves. The guides should serve as a pretty good starting point, though.


Some software will only allow you to use IMAP. Usually, when you delete mail using IMAP, it is also deleted from the mail server. This can also be the default with POP3. Be sure to properly configure your smartphone settings. Verify that your smartphone is not removing mail from the server that you also want to access from another device.

Incoming & Outgoing Settings

IMAP (Incoming)
Port: 993 (TLS/SSL enabled)
143 (STARTTLS enabled)
Password: Email address password
POP3 (Incoming) -- Deprecated
Port: 995 (TLS/SSL enabled)
110 (STARTTLS enabled)
Password: Email address password
SMTP (Outgoing)
Do not use!
Port: 587 (STARTTLS enabled)
Password: Email address password

Authentication is always required.

Usernames are case-sensitive and should be lowercase.

Common Mail Clients

You can use the following guides to help configure your mail program:

If your mail client is not listed, or you do not know what mail client you use, please contact support and a technician will help you.