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Configuring Eudora 6

Configuring Eudora 6

The following screenshots were provided by a Eudora 6 Mac user (6.2.4).

Begin by clicking on Eudora in the upper left and then click on Preferences.

Main Menu

The "Settings" window will appear. Click on Checking Mail to configure your incoming settings. Under "Account/Server Information", fill in the User Name and Mail Server, choose either "POP" or "IMAP" for the Mail Protocol, and choose "Passwords" for Authentication. Settings under "Connection" and "Mail Management" are all personal preference.

Checking Mail

Next, click on Sending Mail to configure your outgoing settings. In the "Server" section, fill in the Email Address and SMTP Server, and check Use submission port (587) and Allow authorization. It's important to note which "SMTP Relay Personality" you're using, as it will need to be the same when configuring SSL in the next step.

Sending Mail

Scroll down the menu along the left and click on SSL. First, ensure the "Personality" is the same as in "Sending Mail". The settings shown below are those reported to work.

Under the "Secure Sockets Layer" section, all of SSL for POP, SSL for SMTP, and SSL for IMAP should be "Required (TLS)". For Standard Port SSL Negotiation and Alternate Port SSL Negotiation, choose "Maximum Compatibility".

SSL Settings

Click OK in the lower right to complete the update of the settings.

Common Mail Clients

You can use the following guides to help configure your mail program:

If your mail client is not listed, or you do not know what mail client you use, please contact support and a technician will help you.

Incoming & Outgoing Settings

IMAP (Incoming)
Port: 993 (TLS/SSL enabled)
143 (STARTTLS enabled)
Password: Email address password
POP3 (Incoming) -- Deprecated
Port: 995 (TLS/SSL enabled)
110 (STARTTLS enabled)
Password: Email address password
SMTP (Outgoing)
Do not use!
Port: 587 (STARTTLS enabled)
Password: Email address password

Authentication is always required.

Usernames are case-sensitive and should be lowercase.