Pacific Internet - Ukiah, California

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A

This guide will instruct you how to configure the VMG4325-B10A modem/router to work with Pacific Internet DSL.

Step 1 – Login

Connect your computer to the VMG4325-B10A modem/router. Open a web browser and use the address bar to navigate to the address You should receive a login prompt, similar to the image below. Use the following default login information and then click Login.

  • Default username: admin
  • Default password: 1234
ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Login

After logging in, the next page may prompt you to change the default login password. It's optional to change the login password. Click Continue to proceed once you've either checked the box to not change the password or have entered in a new login password.

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Default Password Change

Step 2 – Broadband Changes

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Navigate To Broadband

Begin by navigating to the Broadband settings. Here we'll be configuring the settings for the DSL signal to get in sync with the equipment in the Central Office.

  • Click Network Settings along the bottom
  • Click Broadband from the menu that appears

Under the Broadband settings, you'll see three connections already set up (example below). Begin by removing the two connections named ADSL and ETHWAN by clicking on the trash can icon under Modify. Next we'll edit the VDSL connection by clicking the pencil and paper icon under Modify.

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Edit WAN

The only setting we'll be editing is the Encapsulation. As the picture below illustrates, change the encapsulation to IPoE. Click Apply in the far lower right when done. You may need to navigate to the bottom of the page to see the apply button.

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A WAN Settings

Step 3 – Wireless Changes

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Navigate To Wireless

Next, we'll navigate to the Wireless section and change the Security Mode to WPA2. Older wireless security standards are not recommended, being notoriously insecure, but it is a fact of life that older devices may not support newer standards, so if you find that you need it, it is possible to enable WPA-PSK compatibility (shown below), among others.

  • Click Network Settings along the bottom
  • Click Wireless from the menu that appears

On the Wireless settings page, navigate to the grey box. In the grey box, make the following changes:

  1. Change the Security Mode to WPA2-PSK
  2. Click on More in the lower right
  3. If necessary, you can set WPA-PSK Compatible to Enable here
  4. Click Apply in the lower right to save the settings
ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Wireless Settings

Step 4 – UPnP

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Navigate To Home Networking

We'll be disabling UPnP, due to security issues.

  • Click Network Settings along the bottom
  • Click Home Networking from the menu that appears

In the upper left, there will be tabs for settings related to Home Networking. Click on the UPnP tab and select Disable for UPnP State. Click Apply to save your changes.

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Disable UPnP

Step 5 – Firewall

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Navigate To Firewall

Due to a known bug in the firmware of this equipment, the firewall must be set to Easy. This is unfortunate, but without this setting, the Internet connection is practically unusable. The primary symptom of this issue is an inability to stream, complete long-running downloads, or sustain other persistent connections.

The other security measures in DoS are intended to avoid some common attacks.

  • Click Security Settings along the bottom
  • Click Firewall from the menu that appears

Step 5a – General

On the General tab, move the blue dot under the Easy heading and click Apply.

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A Low Firewall

Step 5b – DoS

Once the page refreshes, click on the DoS tab along the top.

ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A DoS Protection

Configuration Complete

Now that the ZyXEL VMG4325-B10A modem/router is configured, you can log out by clicking Logout at the top-right of the page.