Pacific Internet - Ukiah, California

Digital Phone Features

Digital Phone Features

Whether you're a home or business, our phones include:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Multiple extensions
  • Rollover, hunting, and call forwarding
  • Conference calls
  • Voicemail and fax, with optional email notifications
  • Caller ID
  • Block individual numbers
  • Reject anonymous calls
  • Choose your hold music
  • Customize your phone tree to direct calls to the appropriate departments
  • No contracts or termination fees
  • And more! If you have a specific request or feature you're interested in, contact us for more information.

Star Codes

Star codes can be customized, but these are the defaults that come with our VoIP service.

*67Block Caller ID
Don't show your number to people you call.
*68Block Caller ID (Deactivate)
Show your number to people you call.
*69Call Return
Calls back the person who last called you.
*71 XXX-XXX-XXXXCall Forward All
Forward all calls to the number XXX-XXX-XXXX.
*72Call Forward All (Deactivate)
Do not forward calls.
*73 XXX-XXX-XXXXCall Forward Busy
Forward calls to XXX-XXX-XXXX when phone is busy.
*74Call Forward Busy (Deactivate)
Do not forward calls when busy.
*75 XXX-XXX-XXXXCall Forward No Answer
Forward calls to XXX-XXX-XXXX if there is no answer.
*76Call Forward No Answer (Deactivate)
Do not forward calls if there is no answer.
Do Not Disturb (All calls ring busy).
*79DND (Deactivate)
Disable Do Not Disturb.
*88Block Anonymous Calls
Reject calls from anonymous numbers.
*89Block Anonymous Calls (Deactivate)
Accept calls from anonymous numbers.
*91 XXX-XXX-XXXXUnblock Number
Allow calls from XXX-XXX-XXXX.
*92 XXX-XXX-XXXXBlock Number
Calls from XXX-XXX-XXXX will ring busy.
*95Send Voicemail to Email
Send a copy of voicemail to your email address.
*96Send Voicemail to Email (Deactivate)
Do not send voicemail to your email address.
*97Go to Voicemail
Access your voicemail.

Voicemail Tree

Methods for Reaching Your Voicemail:

  • Dial *97 from your phone
  • Press the voicemail button on your phone, if it has one
  • Dial your extension (if you have one)

Voicemail IVR Tree (Voicemail Prompts):

  1. Hear Messages
    • Messages will autoplay when calling your voicemail
    1. Help
    2. Rewind
    3. Stop Playback
    4. Fast-Forward
    5. Repeat Message
    6. Envelope Information
    7. Move or Copy to Another Mailbox
    8. Delete Message
    9. Call Back
    10. Save Message
  2. Change Access Code
    • Enter New Access Code
    • Press * to Return to Main Menu
  3. Record Name
    1. Listen to Recording
    2. Use Recording
    3. Record Again
    4. Delete Recording and Return to Previous Menu
  4. Record Personal Welcome Message
    1. Listen to Recording
    2. Use Recording
    3. Record Again
    4. Delete Recording and Return to Previous Menu
  5. Record Message
    1. Move Message to Another Mailbox
    2. Copy This Message to Another Mailbox
    3. Mark Message as Urgent
    4. Mark Message as Private
  6. Select Mailbox Greeting
    1. "This is the mailbox of [extension]"
    2. The message you recorded in option 4 (Record Personal Welcome Message) will show up here, if one is created
    3. "You've reached the voicemail system"