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Filing CPUC Complaints

Filing CPUC Complaints

The CPUC regulates public utilities and their providers in California. Filing a complaint with the CPUC is the recommended course of action for holding utility providers responsible. You can visit the CPUC website for more information. There is a phone number you can call to make utility complaints, 1-800-649-7570, but be prepared for a phone tree and eventual voicemail, if you can find it. We recommend using their online complaint form.

To file a complaint with the CPUC, fill out their online form.


When completing the CPUC complaint form regarding an outstanding ticket with AT&T, make sure to put "AT&T" in the Utility Name field in the Company/Utility Name section, even if you are a Pacific Internet customer. If you put our name down, you will be complaining about us. The CPUC will tell us you complained about us and expect us to fix the problem. The problem is that we are generally waiting on AT&T as well, and we can't fix them. The problem description at the end of the form is the appropriate place to mention you are our customer. Specifically, when answering the What did the utility say when you contacted them? question, you might say something like:

I am a Pacific Internet customer. They opened a trouble ticket on my behalf on XXX date. They say AT&T has not yet given an estimated time of repair.

For more information on the CPUC complaint process, see their page about Filing A Complaint.


Please be aware that AT&T is not the only telecommunications provider we work with. It may be the case that a complaint is more appropriately filed against somebody else. If you are unsure who is really responsible for failing to resolve your problem, please ask us. We will let you know who's to blame, even if it's us.

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